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    New Delhi: International Friendship Day held at British Lingua

    New Delhi: A discourse on the ‘ Role of Friends in our Life’ was held on Saturday marking the occasion of International Friendship Day (IFD) under the auspices of British Lingua, an institute of international repute for  English communication Skills. “International Friendship Day reminds us of how important our friends are, what role they play in our life, and who really are our friends. Let’s mark the day and strengthen the bonding of our companionship, amity and fraternity for a greater cause of society.”, said Dr Birbal Jha, noted author and Managing Director of British Lingua while addressing the gathering on the occasion.

    The aim of IFD is to foster and promote the culture of peace, harmony, brotherhood, sisterhood, love towards each other for a livable society”, added Dr Jha, a culture crusader known as Paagman of India.Informing the genesis of such a celebration, Dr Jha briefed, “It was 2011 when the General Assembly of United Nations declared 30th July as the International Day of Friendship with the aim of inspiring peace efforts, building bridges between individuals and communities or countries.”

    While throwing the light on the role of a friend, the highly spirited scholar Dr Birbal added, “True friends encourage and motivate each other, listen to each other, and have good times together. In the trying times, a friend gives a shoulder to another. They share their emotions with each other. They support each other.  Can we celebrate something alone? No, we can’t. We need a company of friends to accompany each other on the occasions.”

    There is an old saying – a friend in need is a friend indeed.  Moreover, your biggest enemy is never a stranger. Hence, beware of such crooks, confidence-tricksters, double-dealers or cons. They are as such around. Maintain caution while confiding in your so-called friends who may turn to be your foes one day and will stab you in the back.”, warned Dr Jha while sharing his experiences of how some of his friends cheated him, taking the advantage of the time and situation.   

    However, at times, there happens to be a communication gap, good friends realize such a thing and sort out any differences but never try to settle a score.”, said Dr Birbal Jha in his concluding remarks on the day with an appeal to all to create an atmosphere of amity, not brutality.

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