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    New Delhi: Students meet Scientists

    New Delhi: Vigyan Prasar has initiated a week-long interactive session for teenage students with eminent scientists. The programme’s objective is to creatively engage the students during their summer vacations and develop a sense of curiosity towards science. The ‘Science Fusion’ aims to sensitize students through activity-based science learning, induce an interdisciplinary scientific approach and to inculcate scientific temper among them with the help of hands-on activities. At today’s inaugural session, the chief guest, Dr Gyanendra Kumar, Joint Commissioner, Navodhya Vidyalaya Samiti (NVS) said that ‘Science Fusion’ is in tune with the mandate of Section 51 of the Indian Constitution, which gives weightage to developing scientific thinking. A child tends to break a toy to know how it is made. Curiosity is the fundamental component of scientific temperament. But, we as teachers have failed to answer their queries. If these questions are answered, the students will develop the right attitude towards science. He encouraged the students to raise questions and clear their doubts. 

    The Guest of Honor, Dr A K Mitra, Director, National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting (NCMRWF) said, “Many experiments are being conducted in the labs, but the information dissemination is limited. Such interactions will enable the scientific fraternity to share their remarkable findings with the students and reach out to a wider range of community.” 

    We have fast overcome, owing to the ability of our scientists and the medical fraternity. Scientists keep learning life-long and contribute towards the Nation building as silent heroes. More such inter-disciplinary science platforms need to be created, he added. Dr Nakul Parashar, Director, Vigyan Prasar, reiterated that the hands-on experience lasts long in a teenager’s memory. He encouraged the students to watch India Science Channel on OTT and highlighted the ‘Vigyanveer’ program, which showcases the young budding students who think scientifically. He said, “Once we start thinking of how and why to the things around us, we will start thinking scientifically.” 

    Kapil Tripathi, Scientist, Vigyan Prasar, briefed about the program and its utility in developing scientific brains for the country. He emphasized on hands-on experiences as they help clear the concepts read in the textbooks. Irfana Begum conducted the program. Several interactive sessions on how machines work? How to handle scientific instruments? Activity kits, Nature Exploration, Fun with Mathematics, Hands-on Physics, Chemistry and Biology, Astronomy-sky watching, Mechanics, Fold Scope, Science film shows, Origami, Science Theatre (play) will be part of the sessions. The experts will guide the students along with providing informative and interactive materials. The programme is exclusively for students studying in class VI to IX of the Delhi-NCR region.

    The students will be engaged through various forms of media and several competitions in Painting: 75 years of Science and Technology Development; Slogan/ Poetry writing: Science and technology; Write-up: Experience of online class and Quiz. It will help nurture budding students’ talents from 23-30 May 2022 at Vigyan Prasar, Noida.

    Initiate News Agency (INA), New Delhi

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