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    New Delhi: Business Lingo is a need for professional success: Entrepreneur Ajeet Thakur

    New Delhi: What’s one expected to do is acquire a fair degree of knowledge of business lingo for entrepreneurial and professional success when it comes to having an understanding of business communication skills. Further, adequate preparation for what’s one likely to deliver has no substitute”, said the entrepreneur Ajeet Thakur while addressing a seminar on ‘Effective Business Communication Skill’  held on Saturday under the aegis of British Lingua, an institute of international repute for communication skills and personality development. “Connecting with the target audience is an art that needs to be mastered for the desired success. Hence, honing interpersonal skills is a sine qua non if one wants to be equipped with professional expertise.” added seasoned Ajeet Thakur, founder of Deltron Manufacturing Solutions Pvt Ltd, based in Delhi NCR. 

    “Citing a beautiful example of how just as a cricketer holds a practice session in a run-up to the match, in the same way, the CEO of a company does a rehearsal before a business presentation when a situation calls for.”, averred engineer Thakur while motivating the inquisitive participants on the day.“Thanks to English communication skills, one is regarded as a global citizen in terms of linguistic skills that remove barriers and make sure the free flow of message, irrespective of geographical locations all across the world.”, thundered noted author and British Lingua managing director, Dr Birbal Jha.

    The scope of business widens with tools for global communication skills being acquired, more particularly in the era of technology where one can connect another within a fraction of a second a minute.”, added Dr Jha, who has championed the cause of English skills training in India, effecting a change in the lifestyles of people all across.Delhi University’s Vinod Sukheja while emphasizing the tangibility and quality training in English said, English removed from its setting is bound to give a local colour and smell. Hence, the standard of communication must be adhered to for sure success. With the availability of British Lingua online and offline classes under the guidance of Dr Birbal Jha, the present generation is fortunate enough to have easy access to learning tools and facilities”, said veteran  Thakur in his concluding statement.

    Initiate News Agency (INA),  New Delhi

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