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    CDRI scientist elected as fellow of Indian National Science Academy

    CDRI scientist elected as fellow of Indian National Science Academy

    New Delhi (India Science Wire): DrSamanHabib, Chief Scientist and Professor (Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research-AcSIR) in Molecular Biology Division from Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI),Lucknow, has been elected as a fellow of Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi. She is workingto understand the biology of the malaria parasite particularly in the context of the organelle. 

    Dr. Habib’sresearch group works with the objective of development of new drugs and drug combinations as therapeutic interventions for malaria, leishmaniasis, and filariasis. Her research group’s  interest in the malaria parasite is driven by the desire to understand the molecular workings and functions of the relict plastid (apicoplast) of Plasmodium, mechanisms of protein translation employed by Plasmodium organelles and human genetic factors and susceptibility to severe Plamodium falciparum malaria in endemic and non-endemic regions of India.

    Dr Saman Habib

    Other important honours and awards in DrSamanHabibcredit: Fellow of Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore (2016), Fellow of The National Academy of Sciences India, Allahabad (2015), National Women Bio-scientist Award, Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India (2012), Prof. BK Bachhawat Memorial Lecture Award, National Academy of Sciences, India (2008), mjkCSIR Young Scientist Award, CSIR (2001)

    (India Science Wire)

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